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“I’ve meandered through museums, sampled local eateries, participated in culturally compelling tours, met local people and collected expert knowledge on the most essential things to eat, see and do. Let me help you experience the absolute best.”



You’ve spent a lot of time and money getting to Italy, now make sure you make the most of your visit and experience the best this exquisite country has to offer. My Italian Concierge Service provides an expertly planned travel itinerary taking into consideration how you like to travel, your budget and your personal interests.

I offer three different packages – complete travel planning including booking all aspects of your trip – the hotels of your choice, transportation by private cars, airport transfers and trains and private or group tours. My partial travel planning books 1-2 of these items – perhaps you already have your hotels booked and now need help getting from city to city and what to eat, see and do in each city. My à la carte service is great for small recommendations and a few bookings on your behalf.

My complete travel planning includes personalized recommendations directly in the area of your accommodations – giving you insider knowledge on the best and most beloved cafes, sites and restaurants, as well as includes where the nearest markets are and transportation options.

Both my complete and partial packages include my Italy Destination Guide, filled with insider knowledge on the most frequently asked questions about Italian travel from what to expect, local customs and ensure you are completely ready to experience dolce far niente.

Above all, I want you and your traveler partners not to worry about anything but showing up and falling in love with Il Bel Paese.



To say I am passionate about Italy is an understatement. From the moment I stepped foot on her ancient streets I have been consumed with knowing every aspect of her character. I have studied, lived and worked throughout the country for almost a decade, completely enthralled with her history and heart.

I was raised in the East Bay of San Francisco, California in an Italian-American home. After completing two degrees – one in Humanities and the other in Classics, I immediately relocated to Italy to work in the travel sector based out of Rome. It is here in La Città Eterna, where I had spent numerous summers crawling the museums and participating in a prestigious archeological dig school, that I became acquainted with, and suffered blissfully from Stendhal Syndrome (also, referred to as having an “art attack”) – “an affliction” I hope never to be cured of.

Through years of leading friends and family, I realized I was able to offer something unique – an insider’s perspective to Italy from someone deeply fascinated by the art, architecture, history, food, values, customs, traditions and people. I often spend my days wandering about – poking my head into open doorways, asking the locals questions, and finding exactly where the magic is.

I want nothing more than for you to see this incredible country in the best way possible – with refined planning so you need not worry about anything but arriving, experiencing and enjoying the true art of la dolce vita.

Sincerely, LeAnne J. Smith


Andrea Guerrero

“LeAnne is both knowledge and passionate about Italy. In addition, she has a huge heart and loves providing people with an experience they’ll remember for their lifetime. It’s the best trip my husband and I have ever been on!”

Andrea Guerrero Isabelle Pellegrini

“We hired LeAnne to organize our trip to Italy. She was so incredible. Her approach was professional yet flexible, we felt like we were in such great hands with how much she knew and the mistakes we avoided by doing it ourselves. Her planning made our trip ten times better!”

Isabelle Pellegrini Joey Consos

“My family was so lucky to share our Roman holiday with LeAnne. She met us at our apartment and took us on a walking tour that led to the most amazing panoramic view of the city with hardly any other tourists in sight. As we walked through the city she would share brief facts about the history of whatever building, statue or piazza we were at. Her interest in Roman history and culture is unparalleled. She counseled us on neighborhoods to visit, how to get around on the buses, and where to get great pizza, gelato, pastries, and coffee.”

Joey Consos Roger Sebber

“Our group of four had been to Italy many times. We’ve done all the major sites and wanted to experience a bit more culture. We learned about LeAnne from a friend and thought employing her services would grant us access to more off-the-beaten path things to see and do. The things she booked and organized for us were the highlights of our trip!”

Roger Sebber Fredrick Phillips

“We ate, saw and experienced the most incredible things in LeAnne’s care. We spent two days on our own, lost most of the time and one day with LeAnne. She really knows Italy and the Italians. Money well spent. “

Fredrick Phillips Barbara Bradbury

“Out of all the things we did in Italy, hiring LeAnne for the day took the cake. “

Barbara Bradbury


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